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For butches (and all queers!) who want to grow in self-love 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈

Connect with your body in new ways, explore what you believe and learn new ideas,
and discover who you really are and what you want in life

Feel Your Body 🫀

Stop feeling numb and disconnected from yourself with simple movements (that won't make you break a sweat 😅), so you can start learning how to feel good being in your body 

Open Your Mind 🤯

You don't believe what you were told about gender, and you don't have to believe what you were told about spirituality—start experiencing your spirituality for yourself

Love Yourself 🥰

Spoiler alert! This is what it's all about! Self-love isn't selfish—when you start loving yourself more, the way you feel day-to-day and how you show up to everything in your life transforms

A message from Joelle, the founder of Butch Yoga 💜

Butch Yoga has taught classes for 🧑🏻‍🏫

Check out what Butch Yoga has for you! 💝

You've got options here: free, paid, pre-recorded and live

Get Your Free Self-Talk Starter Guide

Free: Self-Talk Starter Guide 👁️

You probably already know you should be nicer to yourself, but how do you actually start?

You start by getting support to make real changes in your relationship to yourself.

In the Self-Talk Starter Guide, you’ll learn: how self-talk works in your mind, how you can make your self-talk work for you, and one simple exercise that can change your whole life.

Transform Your Self-Talk ❤️‍🔥

You can't control a lot of the stuff that shapes your life, but one thing that you can control is the way that you talk to yourself.

How are you shaping your life with the messages you tell yourself?

With this pre-recorded workshop, you'll get better at noticing what you say to yourself, plus you'll learn a clear system for exactly how to transform your self-talk, with simple exercises to change how you think about your relationship to yourself. 

Transform Your Self-Talk
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Private Yoga Classes 🪷

Focus on what your body needs with dedicated time to relax your mind and your muscles, stretch out your spine, and feel less pain and more present in your body.

You’ll be supported during live classes with a custom plan based on what’s going on with your body.

Start feeling more at home in your own skin and more at peace being in your body.

Self-Talk Coaching 🪴

Tired of feeling like you're running on auto-pilot? It’s time to take the driver’s seat in your relationship with yourself.

Changing your self-talk is the most effective way to build a more loving relationship with yourself.

Your self-talk can mean the difference between never feeling like you're good enough, and celebrating yourself for who you are right now. 

Learn to connect with yourself at the deepest levels, and feel more confident to live a life that feels better than you could have imagined. 

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